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Alternative Private Equity and Innovation Strategy Firm

Directed innovation solves problems–driven by inventions to improve daily life or breakthroughs that transform the human condition. 

Our deep technical expertise, inventive abilities and marketing and branding strategies have created several successful businesses.

The foundation of our work is decades of experience in healthcare, medical devices, engineering, and environmental science, led by a founder with advanced degrees in public health/engineering and law.

We work closely with teams in several markets, typically healthcare, medical devices, engineering, materials sciences, environmental and IT software and services, to build market leaders.

We are currently focusing on three areas–Vision Technology, Climate Change, and the maximization and protection of Intellectual Property. All three areas where our founder has personal experiences and nationally recognized success.

DDB Technology is dedicated to transforming the human condition and using our experience and industry connections to make significant contributions to the well-being of individuals and society.

Microchip and technology
Deep connections with senior executives, private equity sources, and thought leaders are used to accelerate alliances and grow market share.
Proven methodology harnesses market expertise, capital, and special relationships to drive profitable growth.
Finding the hidden and unrealized value in your innovation and intellectual property.
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Investing in the Future

Climate Change

Businesses face operational and environmental risks from climate change that require urgent action. DDB Technology provides organizations with ways to mitigate risk and identify potentially profitable strategies

Vision Technology

Digital Eye Strain is a life-limiting, often underdiagnosed condition of the eyes. DDB Technology has developed groundbreaking solutions for this global problem.

IP Pro ®

U.S. firms waste over $1 trillion per year in underutilized intellectual property (IP). DDB Technology’s IP Pro ® is a unique and proven solution to maximize the value of intangible assets.

DDB Technology in the News

Private Equity Company of the Year

The judging panel was particularly impressed by the company’s innovative methodology, which helps business leaders uncover the real value of their organisations. DDB Technology’s unrivalled expertise in markets and capital, alongside its powerful partnerships, can help drive growth for its clients whilst retaining equity and growing their market share. 

Denise Drace-Brownell on Climate Change

Recently Denise was interviewed for her scientific opinions on escalating climate challenges.   This was recorded during a panel on November 16, 2023 by UNC.

Alarming Screen Time Trends Demand More Awareness of Digital Eye Strain and Binocular Vision Disorder

Technology has vastly changed how people use their eyes. Historically, humans used their eyes for long-distance tasks, such as hunting and fishing...