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Changing the Conversation Around Climate Change

At DDB Technology, innovating in the climate change space means changing the way the world approaches it. We refuse to point fingers, get entrenched in politics, and react to sensationalized news. Instead, we take a data-backed approach.

With pioneer climate change researcher and business powerhouse Denise Drace-Brownell at our helm, DDB Technology tackles the challenges and opportunities that climate change presents. We face these international, institutional, and economic threats head-on with science-based solutions.

Our focus is on supporting the business community, as B2B organizations typically have more flexibility to be innovative than public entities. They are in a unique position to benefit from both combating climate change and capitalizing on profit opportunities created by it.

As part of our innovative approach, we equip organizations with knowledge, resources, and risk management systems to identify and mitigate climate change threats to their business. For example, our proprietary AI tool controls business risk and regulatory issues, helping organizations turn their environmental risk management program into a profit center.

DDB Technology provides elite strategic and tactical advisement to help B2B businesses do their part to combat climate change, reduce risks facing their own business, and raise their profitability by taking advantage of climate change-produced opportunities.

Helping the World Resolve Binocular Vision Challenges and Accelerate the Transition to a Digital Future.

As part of our mission to improve Binocular Vision (BV) Disorder treatments, DDB Technology has improved lens optics for both BV Disorder and general eyewear use.DDB Technology is the pioneer in the BV and digital field. For instance, the use of formulas and spreadsheets requires enhanced BV skills. Vision exams have not been updated since the 1950s which was long before the use of computers and digital devices. The transformation to a digital age demands a transformation in vision diagnostics, treatments, and technologies.

Founder Denise Drace-Brownell continues her pioneering work to help individuals struggling with BV disorder, and also helps companies address unnecessary profitability losses from the disorder.

To give help to the millions who struggle with BV disorder, Denise wrote a patient guide: Binocular Vision Disorder: A Patient’s Guide to a Life-Limiting, Often Underdiagnosed, Medical Condition. The book is available for free as a digital download through DDB Technology.

Finding Your Unrealized Value with IP Pro ®

Intellectual property (IP) is the most important asset a business can have. But many businesses don’t know how to manage their IP properly. This can lead to the reality that many businesses face: missing out on money opportunities and valuable alliances because of poorly leveraged and underutilized assets.

Trillions of dollars have already been lost due to underutilized intangible assets. More than 50% of alliance relationships fail and often result in a net loss of IP valuation. Intangible assets represent approximately 90% of the market value of the S&P 500 and 90% of the enterprise value of the Global 2000. Clearly, the area of IP management in organizations is ripe for innovation. DDB Technology has responded by creating our award-winning, AI-based business tool, IP Pro®.

IP Pro® is a unique and proven solution for the strategic management of IP assets. Our tool assesses the quality of the innovation process–so that leaders of Fortune 500 companies spend their time on only the most fruitful IP opportunities. We help organizations set up structures and processes to monetize their innovation.

When well-capitalized enterprises use IP Pro®, they find the hidden and unrealized value of their innovation and IP, resulting in stronger companies and stronger economies.

DDB Technology in the News

Private Equity Company of the Year

The judging panel was particularly impressed by the company’s innovative methodology, which helps business leaders uncover the real value of their organisations. DDB Technology’s unrivalled expertise in markets and capital, alongside its powerful partnerships, can help drive growth for its clients whilst retaining equity and growing their market share. 

Denise Drace-Brownell on Climate Change

Recently Denise was interviewed for her scientific opinions on escalating climate challenges.   This was recorded during a panel on November 16, 2023 by UNC.

Alarming Screen Time Trends Demand More Awareness of Digital Eye Strain and Binocular Vision Disorder

Alarming Screen Time Trends Demand More Awareness of Digital Eye Strain and Binocular Vision Disorder Technology has vastly changed how people use their eyes. Historically, humans used their eyes for long-distance tasks, such as hunting and fishing...